What are the regulations about noise disturbance and when is there any inconvenience from neighbours?

Anyone who lives next to their neighbours, can hear sounds from each other. This is no problem, if the sounds are normal living sounds and occur occasionally. But where is the boundary between those sounds and real noise disturbance? There is noise disturbance from neighbours when the sounds are structural, loud and long-lasting, or at inappropriate times, thus hindering you in your living environment. Noise disturbance by neighbors is legally not permitted, but it is often difficult to identify the cause and to map the noise. That’s what we are there for!
The behaviour of residents is mostly not the only cause of noise disturbance from you neighbours. Often there is a lack of sound insulation and the current noise control is insufficient in e.g. floors or ceilings. In order to assess each situation independently, we conduct long term sound measurements that record sounds and use this in our sound research. In addition, we assess whether the noise levels comply with the legal standards according to the Building Decree.

Acoustic research on sound insulation in noise nuisances from neighbours

In older townhouses or older apartments, there is often a bad sound insulation, because the legal standards in the field of noise were less strict at that time. Practical, soundproofing measures / facilities can often help you to reduce the inconvenience. With our research we carry out measurements of air-, and contact noise and we test these to the standards of the Building Decision. If there is insufficient noise insulation, we advise on feasible solutions such as the application of insulation material to thin walls or a sound-proof floating floor that will keep the sounds away.

Long-term sound measuring because of noise nuisance from neighbours

A first step into solving nuisance from neighbours is an objective approach to the noise nuisance. Regardless of our investigation to the current noise control, we have al lot of experience in long-term measuring and judging noise nuisance from neighbours. Within our review we take in account the noise levels and non-acoustic factors such as avoidability and the time and frequency of occurrence.
Thanks to our long-term measuring system, we can register the sounds that cause the nuisance for example for a week or two, and judge them objectively. We identify the source that causes the nuisance (e.g. footsteps, slamming doors or music) and assess its frequency, time and durance. We then advise on the avoidability of the nuisance and provide appropriate measures to prevent it.

We know the laws and regulations concerning noise nuisance

Are you seeking evidence in court proceedings? The measurement results of our system and our assessments form a legal product. The reports are valid, and our audio expert can assist you as a witness expert in, for example, a lawsuit.

Costs of an acoustic research into noise pollution

Our experts are very experienced and have helped many people expertly and juridically in solving noise nuisance from neighbours, but are not free. For sound investigation of air- and contact noise, including any feasible soundproofing features, the price is customized and based on the customer’s agreement.
Legal expenses insurance can cover those costs for you. Do you have questions about how and if we can help? Or do you want an answer to a short question? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you!

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